We’ve said our farewells to family and friends. We’ve done a bit of travelling but this is a step up. Neither of us have been as far as Australia before and twelve weeks is the longest we’ve been away from home. Just a few nerves, but as this is being written in the departure lounge at Gatwick, they are settling nicely.

Andy (son) picked us up from our house (he was ten mins early 👍) to take us to the airport – no hassles, jams or hold ups. I hope his return is as stress free.

The man checking our hand luggage through the X-ray was fascinated by the fact that we would be touring in Oz and New Zealand playing music. “So there’s just the two of you? Yep. Do you have backing tracks? Nope. You play the instruments yourselves and you sing? Yep. Wow!” Bloody X-factor has a lot to answer for.

Plenty of time before boarding and they have hand pulled bitter in the bar. I bet we won’t get that in Oz.

It’s bitter, honest !