Lucky Sods

The flight from Gatwick to Dubai (Emirates) was uneventful, there was a decent selection of films and music on the inflight entertainment system and we succeeded in staying awake, the plan being to try and not sleep until we were well into the last leg to Brisbane (which is about a fourteen-hour flight).

We changed flights in Dubai which meant a three hour stop over. It was just getting light as we arrived so no great views of the desert and city as we came into land. Had a wander around to stretch the legs, didn’t think much to the shopping as it was mostly jewellery and not one shop stocked guitars or banjos (Dave is writing this by the way). 

Time to board and Kip had one of those heart sinking moments. As the lady put in our details the machine beeped at her. Kip (ever the optimist) asked if there was a problem and the lady spoke the most wonderful words, “No madam, we are upgrading you to business class.” Thank you God, hallelujah. I promise I will be good for the rest of my life

Never in the history of mankind have two people looked smuggerer than us two (it is a word, look it up). When they called for people travelling business class to board the plane we tried to act cool but we blew it. If we’d have grinned any more the tops of our heads would’ve fallen off. Lucky, lucky bastards! (Sorry God – that didn’t last long did it)

“What would you like to drink sir? We have champagne (pink and white), a selection of wines and spirits,  fruit juice, teas and coffee.” I looked across to my right; There was no one there. Shit, he’s talking to me!