Music by the sea

After a couple of walks around town, three games of scrabble and a plate of seafood in a local restaurant we cracked and went to bed around 6pm and slept through until about 6am, a pretty good result.

Up, fed and watered for a 10am sound check at Sandgate town hall, 

It’s a lovely stone building with wooden floors, high roof and a balcony. It was built in 1911 and has great acoustics, but more importanter (it is a word look it up), it has free WiFi.

Music by the sea is a festival like no other we’ve played. It isn’t a folk, rock, blues, jazz etc, etc festival, it dips into all sorts of genres and makes a big stew. The festival takes place around various venues in Sandgate with the town hall staging the main concerts. They had classical piano, flamenco, electronic dubstep, aboriginal chants, a string quartet, improv jazz and much more. All put together by Zoli, a Hungarian hippie (his words) and his team. Zoli visited New Zealand and later Australia around thirty years ago and took root. He was telling us his story as we shared a beer after the final concert on the Saturday night along with his partner Sharon who was bouncing around the hall like Tigger, still on a high from the experimental jazz quintet that ended the night. Zoli is a risk taker, an eye opener. He doesn’t put together a “safe” programme and then sit back. We saw people clapping and cheering, some looking puzzled and others walking out shaking their heads, but everyone saw something different and that has to be a good thing. We need more Zolis in this world.

Our set went fine by the way, well chuffed.