Traffic and Ego Control 

This was the first sign we saw when we arrived on site at Illawarra folk festival. The traffic may have become heavy but the egos were light.

We booked in at artist reception and headed off to folk school which was held at the Northern Illawarra Uniting Church. Folk school is a series of workshops run by people playing at the festival ranging from guitar/banjo/mandolin/fiddle lessons to (in our case) harmony singing and songwriting. All very friendly and well attended. Churches in general are wonderful places to sing in. We are not religious, (do as you would be done by is our motto) but there is something spriritual about a group of people opening up their lungs and belting out a song in such wonderful acoustics.

And if we’re going to go to church, we like to choose one with a sense of humour.

We did the workshops, which went very well given our lack of sleep (see the last post) and then we went to Tim’s house.

We’ve never met Tim and possibly never will. Tim’s contribution to the festival is to give B&B to touring artistes who are playing there. He’d emailed us before we arrived to see if we wanted anything special getting in and to apologise as he wouldn’t be there to welcome us. Tim had taken his daughter on holiday to Tasmania, left the key with Bev his neighbour and gave us the run of the house. Bev welcomed us, introduced us to Boo the dog, gave us the key and once again we reminded ourselves how lucky we are before falling asleep on Tim’s very comfortable couch.

The mighty Boo