Bloody hell it’s freezing

The temperature in Mongarlowe was down to 19C. We’d been getting accustomed to around 35C and were feeling chilly. We drew heavily on our British resolve, remained in our shorts and tried to convince ourselves that goosebumps are healthy.

Mongarlowe is a small collection of houses about twenty minutes from Braidwood. Our host Sue settled there about twenty years ago after a lifetime of travelling. Sue was great company, and within a couple of hours of arriving we went off for a walk into the bush. Sue did a great job explaining what the different trees,  plants and birds were, we saw termite mounds over six feet tall, ants with six packs (gym membership is very reasonable) and more Wallabies.

The cooler temperature made for a better night’s sleep and we slept like logs.

On Wednesday morning we had a ride into Braidwood. Some folks we met at Illawarra festival had told us it was very picturesque. It’s only a small town, with most of the shops set out either side of the main street. It has quite a few period buildings and often gets used as a filming location. They cover some of the street with dirt and with the right camera angles you could easily be transported back a hundred years. Much of the film Ned Kelly, about the famous Aussie highway man (starring Mick Jagger) was shot there.

It was weird to be walking down a street on the otherside of the world to where you live and seeing a poster with your face on it it the local butcher’s shop window.

PS. People keep giving Kip clothes. We’re not sure if this is out of pity, or they’re just trying to smarten her up. Either way she’s happy!