Factor 50

Illawarra festival left us with a most welcome and unexpected problem, we’d sold nearly all of our CD’s. Thankfully, several months before coming out here we’d been chatting about to the trip to the very lovely and talented Flossie Mallavialle. Having toured here before, Flossie recommended getting CD’s produced in Australia rather than posting them out from the UK, which is what we did. So first thing on the morning after the festival Kip was on the phone to the repro company (Implant media in Melbourne). They got straight onto it said they could get a batch reproduced and shipped to us by Friday, excellent service.

We had intended moving on straight after Illawarra festival and finding a hotel somwhere down the coast for a couple of days. However Bev, our friendly and very helpful neighbour said that Tim wasn’t going to be back for some time and it would be okay for us to stay on if we wanted to. The beach was five minutes drive away, we didn’t argue.

So we slapped on the factor fifty and made the most of the beautiful Bulli weather and rolling surf.