It might not be much to you, but it’s a Wombat to me

The animal count was rising, so was the dead roo count (still no live ones). We were on our way to stay at Sue’s in Mongarlowe. Sue had booked us to play at Braidwood folk club and invited us to stay hers the night before the gig.

The road was taking us through thousands of acres of forest made up primarily of various types of gum trees. The journey was initially pretty uneventful. We had a couple of stops on the way. Having aircon in the car had spoiled us, and when we got out at our first stop and it was like someone was blasting us with hairdryers. Too hot and no cafe (despite the signs for reviving coffee). Back in the the car until we saw McDonalds a few miles down the road. The coffee was drinkable, the place was cooler and they have free WiFi.

We were about thirty miles from Mongarlowe when we saw smoke in the distance. A few miles further on and we came to a road block. A young lad came to the car “You can’t go down there mate. We got a fire.” A quick chat and a look at the map and we were on a detour.

The detour took us through an area that the fire had passed through earlier. Blackened fields, burnt trees but thankfully it looked like people’s properties had escaped. Folks later told us theat it’s common place in this area and the trees and fields recover very quickly. They all have evacuation plans and a fire warning system in place.

We were soon back on track and only a couple of miles from Sue’s place when we saw a Wombat by the side of the road. A screech of brakes and the car was rapidly reversing. We were excited and photos were taken of said Wombat. To be honest he didn’t look well, but a Wombat is a Wombat and we were happy.

We went out for a drive into Braidwood the next morning and saw a very familiar looking Wombat lying as stiff as a board by the roadside. Oh bugger……