Goodbye Oz (for now) Hello New Zealand

On the trip from Newstead to Melbourne we called in on Adrian who is promoting a gig for us in Melbourne when we return from New Zealand. We dropped off a box of CDs with him to save us dragging them around NZ, and then headed to the airport to drop off the hire car. When we collected the car from Hertz a few days ago we were told that it was almost brand new with no marks on it but they always advise customers to check before driving away. It’s a good job we checked.

We drove to our hotel for the night to drop off our bags and kit, returned the car to the airport and walked back to the hotel.

Up at 6am the next morning to start the next leg of the trip. We were booked on a flight to Auckland leaving Melbourne around 9.30am. Straight through check in with no suspicious looks and questions about the accordion, another first.

Cheerio Australia 

Hello New Zealand