Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better…… it didn’t 

We were still on a bit of a high from the gigs we’d played in Australia, we had been spoiled. Gig wise things really could only go one of two ways, they could level off or take a bit of a dip. 

Lets make that three ways, they could also take a nose dive. Our next two concerts were played to just a handful of people. On the The Saturday we played The Nivara lounge in Hamilton 

and on Sunday it was the Cabana in Napier both of which are great venues that put on live music several nights a week, ranging from Rock to Rap to two old folkies from the UK. We still had a good time – you play for those that come and don’t moan about those that don’t. We had great weather for both Hamilton and Napier and although very different they were both lovely to walk around.

We’d arrived in Hamilton early afternoon and had a good walk along the river which really was beautiful.

We also had a lucky escape when we walked across a square close to the venue. In the middle of the square was a collection of tiles with holes in. Just after we’d walked across them they shot water into the air.

Hamilton was also the birthplace of Rocky Horror creator Richard O’Brien. His achievements are commemorated by a statue and an interactive public toilet (it’s true, honest)

The centre of Napier was largely destroyed by an earthquake in the 1930’s and it was rebuilt in the style of the day which was Art Deco. If you look up from the shop fronts to the roof lines and windows the buildings are really cool.

When we arrived in Napier we parked up on the sea front and Dave went for a swim. He then sat on a bench and began changing his guitar strings. Within a minute he was joined by a young girl carrying a guitar. Gabriella was in town to buy timber for a “Tiny House” she was building (the roof of her van was stacked high) she was then going to meet up with her dad and brother to watch James Taylor play a concert in Napier that night. We swapped a few songs had a few laughs and then off she went to get some more timber.

We had a nice surprise at the gig that night, a couple of ladies came to see us who were on their hols from the UK. They’d both seen us at different times back home and when they saw we were in town they came along. We had a right good chat with them both before, during and after the gig.

The sights you see when walking around NZ