Rupert’s Pirate Hut

Plimmerton is about half an hour from Wellington. We had a drive into the city on Tuesday (7th Feb) to get Dave a new harmonica, as his trusty Lee Osker was suffering from travel sickness. Some folks had recommended Alistair’s Music on Cuba Street, so we headed there. We met and had a chat with Alistair, a Scot now resident in Wellington. Twenty minutes and seventy dollars later Dave came out smiling (that wasn’t just a harmonica, though, was it? – K)

Cuba Street has a nice feel to it, plenty of independent coffee bars and record stores, a nice place to sit and watch the world go by.

We had intended to visit Te Papa, the Maori museum which has a really good reputation for giving a fascinating insight into Maori culture, but after much searching we couldn’t find it (getting to NZ was an achievement, you can’t get it all right!)

We gave up and went back to Jannette and Niels’s house.

As mentioned in an earlier blog one of the delights about this trip as with all the others is the people that you meet along the way and also their pets.

Meet Bertie and Ben 

Niels and Jannette also have a cat called Boris, but he’s camera shy.

That night we played Wellington Acoustic Routes, which was held at the Boating Club in Plimmerton. You play with your back to a floor to ceiling window overlooking the bay, one of the best backdrops we’ve ever had. We’re thinking of insisting that every gig install one.

The next morning we said our goodbyes to Niels. Jannette had wisely flown to Auckland the night before to avoid our gig. It’s one thing providing us with free accommodation, but then having to sit through two hours of our singing and arguing is pushing friendship to the limit.

We were back in Queenie for the night and found a beautiful spot right on the sea front at Otaki beach. We sat and had a drink while watching the sun go down behind the South Island in the distance, it really was beautiful.

As was the moon sinking into the sea in the early hours. (So beautiful, in fact, that he felt the need to wake me up to see it! – K)

It was beautiful and sunny but a bit chilly the next morning and there was just one idiot swimming in the sea. It was Dave “If I can stand the sea at Skegness I can stand anything” Wilson.

The beach huts were not up to Skeg standard though….