So that’s why they’re called Jesus handles.

 Tues 14th Feb

Not a great night’s sleep, the wind hadn’t eased and it was making a hell of a racket in the trees near where we were parked. I stepped out of the van straight into a pile of goose shit. I was then surrounded by a sea of ducks, geese and one seagull (obviously blown off course) all with pleading eyes and quacking for bread. Cue Kip’s favourite duck joke.

We spent a joyous five minutes bouncing dry crusty bread off their heads before climbing back into the van feeling no guilt whatsoever as we trundled off toward Upper Hutt.

The road to Upper Hutt was taking us over the Rimutaka Range. We’d been warned that it’s quite a scary drive. It was a doddle…… comparison. The road approaching the mountains has some wide open spaces and the wind gusting though at several points was genuinely frightening. Several times we were down to about 20mph as the van was shaken from side to side. Kip spent much of the journey clinging to the handle above the passenger door and screaming “Jesus Christ” at regular intervals. A high-top van has its disadvantages as well as its advantages.

Once the road reached the mountains we gained some shade from the wind, a little bit of sanity and some incredible views (not that we got many pics, watching the road was high on our agenda and it was chucking down rain)

Once in Upper Hutt we found the library, you can always get free wifi at the library. We read some pointless drivel on Facebook, sorted out emails (got another gig in Germany in June) and then posted some pointless drivel on Facebook. Int the tinterweb marvellous.

That night we were playing “Upper Hutt Mainly Acoustic” at the Mayfair Cafe. The Mayfair was once a cinema and when it was bought for renovation a load of old equipment was found in there, much of which along with many other old relics (typewriters, cameras, folk singers etc).

It was a great room to sing in, a special mention here to Barry the sound man who really knew his stuff. He listened, he tweaked, he walked around the room and listened, he tweaked again and then sat back and didn’t touch a thing. What a star.

The gig had been arranged by Kev, he and his wife Sue moved out to NZ forty years ago and took root. They clearly work hard at putting on live music in Upper Hutt, a week after our gig there they have that great Irish singer-songwriter and thoroughly nice bloke Colum Sands playing there. As with so many others Kev and Sue opened up their house to us, fed us, allowed us to get cleaned up and waved us off the next day as we set off to catch the ferry to Picton on the South Island. 

Kev & Sue