R.I.P Paddy Bort

Sunday 19th February 

We were sat in the van outside of Christchurch Folk Club. Kip was looking on Facebook and saw the sad news that Paddy Bort had died suddenly. It was a shock to both of us. Paddy (or Professor Eberhard Bort, to give him his full name) was a stalwart of the Edinburgh folk scene and had been very good to us. He’d booked us for our first gig in Edinburgh about fifteen years ago, at The Wee Folk Club in the Royal Oak on Infirmary Street. No one had heard of us but Paddy took a chance and since then he booked us regularly for various events in the city, the most recent being just three months ago at The Summer Hall.

Isn’t it weird how these coincidences work out?. We played The New Edinburgh Folk Club in Dunedin two nights ago and it was Paddy who’d put us on in the original club back in Edinburgh.

You can read Paddy’s obituary from the Edinburgh News here http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/our-region/edinburgh/tributes-paid-after-death-of-edinburgh-folk-music-stalwart-paddy-bort-1-4370784

His passing will leave a massive hole in the Edinburgh music scene. We can’t claim to have been close friends; our only contact was through the gigs he arranged for us. But he was always a pleasure to deal with and forever enthusiastic about our music. 

Thanks for the support Paddy. We’ll miss you.