It’s the final countdown, da da da da da…

Monday 27th Feb.

I’ve started this post sat in the departure lounge of Melbourne airport. We’re having a coffee whilst waiting for our flight to Perth to be called for boarding. The six gigs we’ll play around the Perth area will be the last ones of this tour.

We’ve just played a couple of house concerts in the Melbourne area. The first was on Saturday night at Adrian and Aleks Wakeham’s house. Before the gig we were telling them about the lack of Kangaroos we’d seen during our time in Australia. “Take em on a road trip Adrian” says Aleks “There will be loads at”…. (sorry forgot the name of the park). Off we went. To be fair to Adrian he wasn’t as enthusiastic about our chances as Aleks was and he did do his best. Not one chuffing roo!There was much apologising and piss taking and a lot of laughs on our return. It was a lovely evening. We tried out a couple of new songs and murdered them; to be honest, some of our regular songs were severely wounded. But all in all it was a good night.

On Sunday we drove out to The Burke and Wills Winery at Mia Mia to play an afternoon concert at Andrew and Heather Patterson’s place. It’s a great location, as you’d imagine for a winery, it’s miles away from the nearest town and surrounded by open fields and vineyards. After the gig we went for a walk with Heather and Andrew. Within about 400 meters of their place we saw loads of happy hopping kangaroos bounding around. The roos took one look, immediately recognised us as folk singers and scarpered. They will never know how happy they made us.

Aside from kangaroos (which we didn’t photograph), we saw one helluva spider and Kip got to ride a horse. Meet Boris and Wally. (Not just a horse – Wally’s a Clydesdale! -K)

Andrew has been promoting live music for years. It’s been a real passion for him and his lovely wife Heather. He asked us to sign his visitor’s book and allowed us to have a look through it. It’s a who’s who of folk royalty. It included:- Bert Janch, Chris Smither, John Prine, Guy Clarke, Martin Carthy, Andy Irvine, Chris Hilman. We will never be in the same league as these heroes of ours, but at least we’re now in the same book! 

Andrew has been extremely kind to us helping us get bookings and giving advice and assistance to help get us our visas for this trip. He’s done all of this (alongside running his winery) whilst being very unwell, suffering from anxiety. He’s now taking a well-earned break from promoting and we wish him a speedy recovery.

On Monday afternoon we said our goodbyes and drove back to Melbourne to get a flight over to Perth in Western Australia. On to the last leg.