Well that’s that then

Sat 11th March.

We’re through security and sat in the departure lounge in Perth airport. I’ve just been pulled to one side by a customs official who sounded like an extra from Auf Wiedersehen Pet. I was filling out one of those forms you have to do when leaving the country and a customs official called me over. “Listen mate, are you taking more than ten thousand dollars in cash out of the country?” “I wish,” says I. “Don’t bother with that bloody form then” he says and waves me through. I bet they wouldn’t do that in America.

Yesterday we headed to City Beach near Perth. We were meeting one of Kip’s old school friends for lunch in the afternoon but first we were making the most of our last chance to get onto the beach and in the sea. I’d gone off for a walk (Dave) and was walking back toward Kip when I saw she was on the phone and waving frantically. This of course scared the shit out of me and I started running to find out what the problem was. Kip handed me the phone – it was my daughter Lianne telling me our latest grandson had arrived. All I could do was gasp and pant. Lianne was due on March 16th, by which time we’d have been home but we didn’t think she’d last that long. It was all good news though, mother, baby and father are fine. Can’t wait to meet the little chap. 

A couple of hours later we had lunch with Carol and then that night played our final gig of the tour, at Wanneroo Folk Club. Some folks came along who’d been to some of the other gigs we’d done recently, which was nice. We’ve not seen many familiar faces. “Did you say you live in Sleaford?” said one bloke. “Yes, do you know it?” “I was there two years ago visiting my uncle and aunt.” It always amazes me when this happens. Katie (our surrogate daughter who’s given up her bed for us over the last ten days) and her house mate Jema came to the gig. It was their first time in a folk club and they are still speaking to us. 

The gig went well but we both felt a bit flat. After all of the planning, the miles of travelling and all of the folks we’ve met it felt odd to think that this is it and we’d be heading home the next day.

We didn’t have to be at the airport until around 7.30pm and Katie had been saying all week that she would take us out for the day – she didn’t disappoint. Bags packed and loaded into the car and off we went. Our first stop was the Feral Brewery. Where we had to suffer a taster rack of six beers and a bowl of warm olives and crusty bread.

Then onto a Sandalfords Winery for lunch (and wine) followed by a trip to a chocolate factory where,in keeping with time-honoured tradition, we filled our faces with free samples and bought bugger all. We finished off with a walk around Kings Park In Perth for some much-needed fresh air. 

It was a smashing day out. Katie then dropped us off at the airport where we said our goodbyes and set off on the trip home.