And finally 

We’re not the first musicians to do a tour of Australia and New Zealand, there’s plenty more done it better than us. But this was our first tour, which obviously meant a hell of a lot to us. We’ve played thirty one gigs in a variety of venues. From community halls, people’s houses, festival marquees, two back gardens and even a garage. If Mystic Meg had said to us in 2012 that in five years time we would be full-time musicians we would have laughed, and by the time she added that our music would take us all around the UK and Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand we would have told Meg to stick her crystal ball where the sun don’t shine (other mystics are available). 

“Every day I tell myself that I’m a lucky man” is a line in one of our songs (Milestones, available here folks). I’ve never written a truerer word (truerer is a word, look it up, and while you’re there look up gullible).

The trip has been brilliant; we’ve had such a good time which in the main has been due to the generosity of others. As is nearly always the case,& it’s the people you meet that make the memories. We were away from home almost ten weeks and during that time we only stayed in hotels for eight nights, thirteen nights in a camper van and one night in a car. The rest of the time we stayed for the most part with people we’ve never met before (a regular event for folkies). We will be eternally grateful to all of those who’ve helped us out with the gigs, beds, showers, food and the odd drink. Rest assured we will be hounding you all again for another trip.

So here we are back in a sunny but chilly Sleaford, visiting family (one new member!) catching up with friends and watching the sun tans fade before our eyes. One of the positives of the tour is that Kip has lost weight and one of the negatives of the tour is that so have I.

We start gigging again in the UK within a couple of weeks. We’ve started work on writing songs for a new album that we’ll be releasing early in 2018 and we’re very excited about a tour we’ll be doing next year, that we’re not able to go public with as yet.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog. It’s been fun writing it and it’s been written as much for our benefit as anyone else’s. In six months time our trip will be a distant memory – we’ll need this blog to remind us where what it was like.

Thanks to everyone for the support – feel free to leave comments on the blog. You can keep up with what we’re doing by visiting our website or follow us on Facebook

Please say hello if you get to a gig. If you can’t stand us go watch someone else. Live music is good for the soul.

Travel count

Flights – 7

Ferry trips – 3

Train trips – 5

Tram rides – 1

Bus rides – 1 (plus a minibus)

Taxi rides – 1

Hire cars – 3 (plus a campervan and the loan of Katie’s car for almost 2 weeks)

Kayaks paddled – 1

Horses ridden – just 1 (and not for very long) but he was a gorgeous scaredy-cat Clydesdale called Wally.

Miles driven – 5,391 (and yes, I’m enough of a sad b**t**d to have worked that out – K)

Beds slept in – 27 (including camper, but not including the car we had to sleep in one night!), or 28 if you count the seat in Emirates Business Class (it converted to a bed).

Most consecutive nights in one bed – 6, thanks to the lovely Tim, our host for Illawarra.

Concerts played – 31

Wildlife count

Dolphins – one group (pod?)

Kangaroos – lots (finally!).

Kangaroo poo – sh*t loads.

Platypus – 1 (thanks Helen for pointing it out!)

Koalas – several, including a nursing mother – Awww!

Wallabies – loads, very close up.

Wombats – yep.

Possums – loads, but only one of them was alive.

Lizards – only two, but one of them was a doozie!

Eagles (and various other birds of prey) – yep, them too.

Great white crane – 1

Bush turkeys, fairy wrens, crimson rosellas, galahs, cockatoos, parrots …… yep.

Kea – two.

F***-off big spiders – too many to even think about without coming out in hives! (and one of ‘em was wearing a stripey fur coat!)

Creek names – hundreds. We never saw shit creek, but know what it’s like to get stuck up there. You’d think they would call one myknees.

Oh and blogs – 33

Random photos