Next day delivery my a**e, influential friends and clunkage.

We’ve just had a few day off (as in we couldn’t get a gig) – to be fair it was very nice and most welcome. Kip scored again with Air B&B. She found a smashing place in The Entrance N.S.W, five minutes from the beach and this one did provide breakfast (see earlier blog).

The Entrance is so called as there is a narrow channel of water there that flows between the Pacific Ocean and Tuggerah Lake. The beaches are gorgeous and there a huge colony of Pelicans and Black Swans on the lake.

Most of our time was spent on the beach and swimming in the sea. I’m currently deaf in one ear and applying ear drops due to spending too much time swimming in the sea.

Our time there was great, but relatively uneventful. Unless you count Kip volleying a fish into a Pelican’s mouth during feeding time one afternoon, which was impressive, but not a major event.

We did get some nice pics though (see below).

After one of our sets at Illawarra festival a couple came up for a chat. They were very complimentary and said they occasionally put on house concerts. Without trying to sound too eager I dived straight in and told them that we had a free weekend due to a gig falling through. From that brief chat and a couple of Facebook messages we got another gig and made two very good friends. Scott and Jenny Thomson arranged a house concert for us at their place and invited us to stay for a couple of nights. That in itself was great, but they are also both musicians and both massive fans of Richard Thompson, happy days!

About a week prior to going to Scott and Jenny’s Kip had ordered some more CDs as we had nearly run out (we get them made in Oz rather than posting them out from the UK – it’s cheaper and gives you the option of reordering). We use Implant Media in Melbourne as they’ve always been good to deal with and very quick at getting orders turned around. Jenny had said it was okay to get the CDs delivered to their place so Kip passed on the info to Implant Media. On the Thursday they sent the CDs out on next day delivery to Scott & Jenny’s so they’d be waiting for us when we arrived on the Saturday. Only they didn’t. Jenny messaged Kip on the Friday to say the CDs hadn’t showed up. Kip checked the online tracking which had them in an Australian post depot near Sydney. Kip phoned Aussie post first thing on the Saturday morning and after a few minutes it was clear that the CDs would not be there before Monday at the earliest (as we had to get to Brisbane by Tuesday, we needed an early start on Monday) Kip calmly and clinically tore several strips off the lad on the other end of the phone (he was called “James I don’t have to tell you my surname” apparently) and left him in no doubt that Australian Post had let us down.

When we got to Scott & Jenny’s we explained about the CDs and said we’d have to hang on until the post had been on the Monday. They kindly offered to get them sent onto Brisbane if they didn’t turn up on Monday although we were a bit nervous they might never catch up with us as we would be moving on to a new place every day.

Scott and Jenny have a smashing house, with grounds that go right down to Lake Macquarie. Scott told us how the quality of the water in the lake had improved over recent years and that, as there is no longer commercial fishing on the lake, the Bull Sharks in there are thriving. We told him we’d been swimming in there a couple of weeks before and he advised against it (once he’d stopped laughing!).

We had a lovely night with them on the Saturday; after dinner the instruments came out and we swapped a few songs along with several drinks.

The concert on the Sunday afternoon was great and many of those who came were also musicians, so a session broke out after the gig. Then we had a huge stroke of luck.

One of the folks who came to the gig worked for Australian Post (sort of – he has the contract for servicing their motorbikes). We told him of our woes about the CDs and he became a man on a mission. As he was leaving he took the parcel tracking numbers and said he’d get onto it first thing Monday morning. True to his word, as soon as he got into work the next day he tracked down the parcels, contacted the delivery driver, made sure he had our CDs and got him to rearrange his route so that they were delivered by 9:30am. We love you, Lenny.

We said our goodbyes and headed up the A1 toward Brisbane (not Edinburgh) We were heading to another Air B&B near Maclean, six hours up the road. The journey was fine and uneventful right up until five minutes from our destination. Rather than go straight to the B&B we went into Maclean to get something to eat. We called into a Chinese restaurant and when we came out we found that someone had pranged our hire care. Bugger…………


Feeding time (Pelicans that is)

Black Swans

Toowoon Bay


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