Killerwhale look out. Canadablog #3

So the plan was to try and sleep for ten hours and awake at about 9am local time fully refreshed with no jet lag. Nearly, but not quite. Kip got a good few hours in but I was wide awake at 2:30am writing song lyrics. This wouldn’t have been so bad had I finished up with the makings of a decent song, but when I looked back later in the day, it wasn’t worth losing sleep over.

Gabriola Island is a small island about a twenty min ferry ride from Vancouver island. It has quite an arty/hippy vibe and everyone we met was very friendly. They also have some amusing street names.

I had a “let’s eat grandma ” moment when I saw this sign. Imagine if someone had missed off some punctuation. “Killer whale, lookout!” Maybe it’s just me.

Our hosts Brian and Megan have a lovely place called Birdsong. It’s surrounded by trees (the island is covered in trees) and they have an outside deck that doubles up as a stage for house concerts. There are no friendlier gigs than house concerts. Folks turn up with drinks and snacks and those who’ve not been before are welcomed in. It’s all very chilled and a damn fine way to ease ourselves in gently.

The gig pootled along nicely and during the break a chap called Bob Bossin came up for a chat. We had mentioned that we’d toured with Fairport Convention last year. Bob was very complimentary and said he’d once opened up for Fairport back in the days when Sandy Denny was with them. We had a chat about the books of Jack London and Bob recommended that I look up ‘The league of the old men’ (was that a subtle message?). He then apologised and told us that he’d have to go as he was suffering with a very painful neck problem. We had no idea who Bob was and only found out later that we’d been talking to Canadian folk royalty. By the time we’d finished the gig Bob had got home and emailed me a link to the Jack London story and told us to look up Ginger Goodwin and pass on his regards when we get to Cumberland. The following day I checked out Bob’s website – he’s a good soul. A long-term campaigner on environmental issues who clearly cares for the planet and those on it, as well as a talented performer and songwriter.

“I’m gonna ask him straight why the good die young, while the bastards just roll on and on” (from Bob’s song Victors Guitar) Check out his work.

The following day we loaded up the car and said our goodbyes to the lovely Brian and Megan.


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