Outbound, Canadablog #2

We’ve done a few of what we consider to be big trips and despite Kip’s meticulous planning there’s usually something that occurs on the journey out that sets the nerves jangling.

The plan this time being, catch a flight from Heathrow to Vancouver City, arrive at 2:30pm local time, pick up a car at the airport, drive out to the ferry terminal to catch the 5:45pm ferry over to Vancouver Island (2hr journey). Once docked, drive to a different ferry terminal to catch the 9pm ferry over to Gabriola Island and then drive over to the house of our hosts Brian and Megan arriving at around 10pm local time thoroughly knackered.

What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing as it turned out, that is pretty much what happened as everything went to plan. Not that that stopped the nerves from jangling.

Even the passage through customs was pretty uneventful. Just the usual long snaking queues and forms to fill in. Even the lady at the passport check-in desk had a sense of humour “Have you brought any cannabis with you into the county sir?” “No we thought we’d get some here” (thump in the ribs from Kip) I pointed out that it’s been legalised in Canada and the lady checking our passports just laughed and said she didn’t know why it’s not legal everywhere. (If you’re reading this kids I don’t, okay? You know the story)

Brian had hoped to meet us on the ferry to Vancouver Island as he’d been working in Vancouver that day. We’d never met before and hadn’t picked up his email saying his plans had changed. As such we spent two hours on the ferry walking around smiling in anticipation at men we thought might be Brian. Kip nearly pulled four times and me just the once.

Brian had caught a sea hopper (an air taxi that takes off and lands on the water) from Vancouver City to the Gabriola ferry terminal on Vancouver Island. He’d spotted us driving onto the ferry and introduced himself to us as it left the terminal. Which was great as he then came with us in the car and could direct us to his and Megan’s house.

A cup of tea, a few minutes chat and then bed.


3 thoughts on “Outbound, Canadablog #2

  1. Rob and Maire Jeffries says:

    You mean you didn’t trash their house and drink all their booze?
    Oh dear me…. Whatever has happened to Rock and Roll?
    Have fun guys and enjoy the adventure!


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